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Oregon Premier Volleyball Club



  • Disrespectful, foul or abusive language will not be tolerated under any conditions. If you violate this policy you will be removed without refund and will not be permitted to return to the club.

  • The selection of team captains will be done by the second or third week of practice. Players will vote for one player chosen captain and coaches will choose a second captain.

  • Practices are at specific times. You must be ready to play at the appointed time. You must stay until the end of practice. 

  • You are required to attend all practices. You may be excused from practice only with prior consent of your Coach and only up to 5 times throughout the season. After 5, you will be unable to play in matches for duration of time at the discretion of your coach. You may make up a missed practice with another team with permission of your Coach.

  • Sprains, headaches, pulled muscles and soreness are not considered acceptable reasons for missing practice. All injured players must attend practice even if not physically participating in drills.

  • You are not allowed to use your cell phones during practice. Cell phones are not to be visible.

  • You are expected to attend all tournaments. If you miss more than one tournament you will be dropped from the team. To allow for emergencies, each case will be reviewed on an individual basis. PLEASE NOTE: a vacation is not an emergency.

  • If you miss a practice prior to a tournament you will not play the first match of the tournament but must arrive on site at the same time as the rest of the team.

  • Playing time is directly connected to the players’ ability to develop and perform. It is also influenced by behavior and the level of commitment to the team. Fair playing time, as defined by national club standards, means that every athlete will play at a point in time of the tournament but it may mean that she may not play in some matches.

  • Tournament work teams for both away and 1 day tournaments will be set up by the team captains. 

  • The use of cell phones, personal listening devices or video games is not acceptable while a team is playing, working, or at practice. Objects used inappropriately will be confiscated and returned at an appropriate time.

  • If you have concerns or questions, you must first communicate with your Coach. If the concern continues after you have communicated with your Coach, the Club Director should be contacted. The Club Director will have final authority in all matters.

  • You are expected to represent yourselves and OPV in a positive and honorable manner on and off the court.

  • Player rooms are assigned by the club. Players will stay in the room to which they are assigned. Players who disregard these policies will be required to stay with their parents and will not be permitted to play the next day. A repeat of the offense will result in dismissal, without refund, from the club for the season.

  • You must travel in groups of at least two at all times while in the hotel and convention center. You are never to be alone in hotel hallways, elevators and public areas. You will receive one warning. You must tell a chaperone or coach where you are going at all times even if it is just to the bathroom. We must know where you are every second of the trip. If you are unable to comply with this rule, you will be released to your parents.

  • You must clean up after yourself at all times while at the hotel and in the convention center.  Also, you are expected to use and leave hotel rooms and facilities in proper condition. If you abuse this policy you will be required to pay the damages as billed by the hotel or facility against the club.

  • You will always travel and dress as a team. All players will travel to and from the competition together, unless excused by your coach.

  • Your coach will set a time for you to be in your room, a time for lights out & a time to be at breakfast. The chaperone will enforce that the times set are followed. 

  • You are expected to stay in your own rooms after curfew. Anyone who is found outside their rooms after lights out will be required to stay with your parents and will not be allowed to participate in any capacity in the next day of competition. A repeat of this offense will result in dismissal, without refund, from the club for the season.

  • All players will attend all team activities, unless excused by the coach.

  • Punctuality is mandatory for all team functions.

  • You are not allowed to use the phones in the room (ONLY to call other rooms). You are not allowed to order movies, use room service or use the mini bars in the room. If you choose to do this you will be responsible for paying for all expenses charged.

  • No one, other than a OPV player, parent, or coach is allowed to be in your room at any time.

  • Players will be supervised at all times and may not go anywhere outside the hotel or convention center without a chaperone or coach

  • You may not go off with just your parent, even if they are the chaperone, unless an exception is made by the coach. (Communicate with us!!)

  • During away tournaments, there is a daily 2 hours mandatory study hall monitored by the coaches. No exceptions. Homework must be brought or if no homework assignments a book. 

  • Drugs, alcohol, or smoking are prohibited at all times. Any breach of this rule will result in immediate suspension and release to parents at their expense.


Parents are an essential part of Oregon Premier Volleyball Club. As a parent of an OPV player, you have a shared responsibility with your child and the Club.

  • Parents may be called on to be a team parent or chaperone or to assist with transportation of teammates. 

  • Parents are expected to display good sportsmanship and responsible behavior at all times.

  • Parents should encourage and respect officials and the team working the match. Yelling about the score and specific calls is unacceptable.

  • Parents should encourage their child, and their team as well as all participants without regard to the outcome on the court.

  • Parents will acknowledge effort and good performance, remembering that all of the players in the event are amateur athletes and someone’s child.

  • Parents should applaud and encourage sportsmanship and good play during games and matches.

  • Parents will aspire to encourage hard work and honest effort that will lead to improved performance and participation.

  • Parents are not allowed on the court once warm ups begin and should refrain from speaking with their daughters until after the coach’s post-game talk.

  • Parents should be careful of behaviors that are detrimental to the team. Look at both teams on the court, not just your children. 

  • Parents will honor the rules of the host and the host facility.

  • Parents will generate goodwill by being polite and respectful to those around them at the event.

  • Parents will redirect any negative comments from others to the Site Director and will notify the Site Director in the event that they witness any illegal activity.

  • All practices are closed to parents and all parents will be asked to leave or stand clear of the practice area. Our insurance covers only players and coaches. While we appreciate parent help in many ways, we cannot allow non‐registered people on the court. Please do not put the club or yourself in this position.

  • Playing time is directly connected to the players’ ability to develop and perform. It is also influenced by behavior and the level of commitment to the team. Fair playing time, as defined by national club standards, means that every athlete will play at a point in time of the tournament but it may mean that she may not play in some matches. We believe in assigning roles to maximize playing time. If we find that one player hurts the team in the back row but helps the team big time in the front row. In those cases, you can expect that a player from the bench who may be stronger in the back row will replace that player. That will ensure the highest possible chances of the team winning a game. The same applies to serving. It’s important to understand that coaches and parents may not always agree and that is OK. As a coach, it is their job to do what is best for the team and it is your job, as parents, to make sure the coach keeps their promise in teaching your children and doing what’s best for the TEAM.

  • Parents are expected to meet the financial obligations incurred by their contract with Oregon Premier Volleyball Club.

  • Parents with concerns or questions should first communicate with their daughter’s Coach at an appropriate time (tournaments and the middle of practice are not appropriate times). If an issue remains unresolved, the Club Directors should be contacted. The Club Directors is the final authority.

  • Parents are expected to be supportive of every member of their team and of the Coach. Such support occurs not only on the volleyball court, but in travel and rooming situations.

  • Parents who travel with a team are all considered to be chaperones for the team and should behave and support the team accordingly.

  • Parents are expected to ensure that players arrive and leave from practice and tournaments at designated times. Teams play and work together - players are not to leave a tournament until excused by their coach.

  • Overnight tournaments are primarily for the players to spend time with each other and to bond. Parents are NOT allowed to leave the hotel with their child/children to go visit or have dinner without consent from the coaches/chaperones.

  • Parents are expected to represent themselves and OPV in a positive and honorable manner on and off the court.

  • Parents will respect the tradition of the sport of volleyball by being a good ambassador.

  • All payments and paperwork should be done at least 15 minutes before the commencement of practice or after practice. Do not interrupt the coaches during the practice time. They are under strict instruction NOT to manage anything outside of the players’ immediate practice/instruction/playing time during the time allotted to practice.


Please Remember:
1. These are KIDS 
2. This is a GAME 
3. Coaches are VOLUNTEERS 
4. Umpires are HUMAN
5. Volleyball is supposed to be FUN!

Your signature with our club reflects your acceptance of these policies.


Club fees for the 2019-2020 season are:

14-2 & 12: $2,000 per player

14-1, 16-2, 18-2: $2,500 per player

National Teams: $3,200 per player

  • A non-refundable deposit must accompany your acceptance to a OPV team.

  • First payment (different from initial deposit) and subsequent payments are due as per the payment schedule. See payment tab for further information.

  • Players whose fees are not paid by the due dates including those on an arranged schedule will not be allowed to participate but are expected to attend all practices and games.

  • Parents are responsible for providing transportation to all tournaments. In practice, parents often carpool.

  • OPV relies on the financial support of parents, both in the payment of fees and also in volunteer fundraising.


If  paying by debit/credit card a convenience fee will be charged.

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