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If there is one thing we can recommend you add-in to your weekly routine to reach your fullest potential as an athlete it's speed, agility, jump and strength training. OPV has our very own area that has been designed and designated just for this...complete with all the jump and strength training equipment needed to see you increase your strength, speed and vertical on the court. 

Training Sessions will be offered in 4-week packages at one (Fridays only) or two times a week during the summer months. If you want to reach your fullest potential come this fall, being consistent with these is the way to get there. If you would like to come three times a week it would be $300/month. Email if you would like to do that. Otherwise, you can sign-up below! 

In addition, there are semi-privates available for all age groups below. To sign up for those click the "book now" button and then click on "next availability." 

Session 1 starts the week of June 5th through the week of June 26th.

Mondays 6-7pm (Session 2) starts July 3rd)
Wednesdays 6-7pm (Session 1 starts June 7th)
Tuesdays 5-6pm (Session 1 starts June 6th)
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