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Junior Volleyball Foundation

Scholarship Program

What scholarship are you applying for?


Athlete lives with:

Please upload the following supporting documents:

The applicant must demonstrate financial need by providing the following forms of documentation:

Detailed explanation of need* (parent or guardian)

Essay Question* (player) TO BE RELEASED ON OCTOBER 1rst.


The above documentation is the only documentation accepted.  Other forms of documentation are not accepted.  


*required documentation



  • I understand that my signature authorizes Oregon Premier Volleyball to obtain verification of all information on this application and that additional information may be necessary for approval of this application.   

  • I certify that all of the information I have supplied is true and correct.

  • I understand that this application does not guarantee an opening or acceptance onto a team desired, or a scholarship award.

  • I understand that my child’s participation in the scholarship program requires a commitment to attend the scheduled practices and games as outlined.

  • I understand that participation by an adult family member in at least eight (8) hours of voluntary service as outlined is required for participation in the scholarship program.

Applicants will be notified of the committees decision by mail, email, or phone. Participants will be responsible for any, and all remaining balances and must pay their portion either in full or enter into a payment plan with Oregon Premier Volleyball Club at the time of award.

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