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On the court...

At Oregon Premier Volleyball Club, we believe that success comes from improving both individual and team skills. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping players develop not only their physical abilities, but also the mental side of the game. We strive to create an environment where players work hard, have fun, and play happy. Join us and take your game to the next level!

Open Gyms

Looking to improve your skills and gameplay in a group setting? Our team can help you achieve your goals! With our expert guidance and supportive community, you'll be able to take your game to the next level. Join us today and start dominating the competition!


Skill Clinics

If you're looking to take your volleyball game to the next level, mastering skills in individual positions such as Outside Hitter, Setter, Middle Blocker, Libero or Defensive Specialist is key. Investing in your training can help you improve your game and become a more well-rounded player. Let's work together to elevate your skills and dominate on the court.



To improve volleyball skills, coaches and individuals should focus on specific skill sets such as serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking. One-on-one mentorship and evaluation can also be helpful in identifying areas for improvement and developing personalized training plans. By consistently working on these skills, players can become more well-rounded and competitive on the court.


Physical Conditioning

To improve your game on the court, it's important to focus on getting stronger off the court. We offer both group and private sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals. Join us today and take your to the next level!



Come spend some of you summer with us playing volleyball at our Summer Camps for Elementary, Middle School, and High School players! Our specially crafted curriculum is designed to push you to grow both on and off the court. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve your skills, make new friends, and have a blast!

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