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Volleyball Foundation

Scholarship Program

At Oregon Premier Volleyball Club, our non-profit scholarship program is committed to breaking down financial barriers and providing every player with the chance to play the game they love. We are proud to promote volleyball in our community and ensure that every player has access to the sport. Apply now to see how we can help your player succeed.

Our two scholarships are:

Brian Kroll Scholarship

Named after a player's father who passed away from cancer, this a touching tribute to his memory. It's a heartwarming way we can carry on Brian's dedication to his family and impact players pursuing their dreams. By honoring Brian's legacy in this way, we hope to continue making a positive difference in the world and inspiring others to do the same. See award amounts for details.

OPV Play Happy  Scholarship

Introducing the "OPV Play Happy Scholarship" for well-rounded athletes who love volleyball! This scholarship is designed to support players who prioritize being a well rounded person in addition to their contribution on the court. Apply now and join a community of athletes who prioritize happiness both on and off the court.

Application Timeline

October 1 - Scholarship applications available via the OPV website.


December 1 - Scholarship application deadline at 3:00 pm.  Late applications will not be considered.


First week of December- Committee will evaluate all applications and make decisions on financial aid awards.


Second week of December- Committee will notify applicants of their application status and if they've been selected to receive financial aid.


Third week of December- Scholarship funds are dispersed to player accounts. Any remaining funds will be applied to travel fees.


*Scholarships are not distributed prior to this week, so funding will not be available for tryout fees, deposits, etc.


Financial Need

The applicant must demonstrate financial need by providing the following documentation:

  • Detailed explanation of need

  • Essay Question

  • Question for parent


The above documentation is the only documentation accepted.  Other forms of documentation are not accepted.  


*This is a competitive process, and not all applicants will receive funding. 


Award Amounts

Brian Kroll Scholarship- Full Amount of Dues

OPV Play Happy Scholarship- TBD


*Not all applicants will receive funding.


Application Requirements

The application asks for the following basic information from the applicant:

  • Name.

  • Address.

  • Age.

  • USAV Member Number.

  • Parent/guardian names & contact information.

  • Club and team the applicant is playing for.

  • Scholarship applying for


The application also asks an essay question the applicant must answer.  Answers to the essay questions may be submitted in one of two ways:

  • In writing, as part of the application.

  • Verbally in a self-made video or recording submitted by the applicant.


Basic Requirements

The applicant is required to have a USAV membership in the current season to be considered and that membership must be upgraded from a tryout membership by the application deadline. Scholarships will only be distributed to athletes who commit to a team.

Applications and/or documentation received that is unreadable, applications that are missing documentation or required information, will not be considered.

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